Types of car accessories

Accessory means something that you can add to improve and enhance the purpose of something. Obviously, the auto accessory has never been out when it comes to new trend. It is one of the most updated into innovations. Car accessories are additional parts for different purposes and needs of the owner. It is widely available on the internet and some local auto shops. What are the latest accessories that can be helpful and meet your vehicle requirement?

Car ionic Air Purifier

It is essential to look at the quality of air inside your vehicle, so the idea of car purifier has a lot of merits. There are types of air purifier and filter that you can get into a car, like an engine and cabin air filters, air ionizers and ozone generator. Car ionizer primarily makes the ionized particles of allergens and smelly materials to stick together in one place.


LED Glow’s seven color interior kit

This product fits almost to all vehicle. It has seven color modes in blue, red, green, purple, teal, white and yellow to your car with a sound activation mode.

TenTenTI Emergency Car Hammer

It is an escape tool when your window will not open, or you are underwater. It has a seat built cutting knife to remove your seatbelt in time of emergency. It helps to protect life. So, this is the product that you should have one in your car.

Suaoki T10 Powerbank 12000mAh Car Jump Starter

It is a power bank and flashlight that comes in one product. It is a battery that jump starts your vehicle many times with USB outputs to let you charge your gadgets day and night.

Car Solar Powered Shark Fin 8-LED Light

It absorbed energy from the sun and stored in a battery. It automatically on the lamps when the car is running and off without vibration when it stops.


Cell Phone Holder Charging Cradle Stand

Different types of car accident injury happen because of distracted driving; talk on a cell phone or send a text message. But it is hard to imagine life without a cell phone. It plays music, takes pictures, sends messages and browses the internet. However, this could be the source of the accident. This accessory helps you to secure cell phone in a fixed location. It prevents distraction on the road, plays music without difficulty, uses GPS and hears conversation better.

Before making the purchase, always consider the accessory that you need most and suits to your car model and check its durability and product specification.…

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