Simple guide on how to lower your car insurance premiums

No one today wants to spend more than they are meant to. Saving money is necessary for all of us. There are several ways we can cut down on unnecessary expenditures. One way is by reducing your car insurance premium. Briefly described are five simple tips to go about this. This is basically a summary of details available on motor trade guide websites.

Simple Guide On How To Lower Your Car Insurance Premiums

Car security and safety features

Vehicles today have several built-in security features, for instance, anti-lock brakes, and engine cut-off and anti-theft systems. All this make you eligible for auto insurance discounts. Vehicles containing this features are less prone to accidents or susceptible to theft.


Take a defense driving course

Some insurance companies consider your driving expertise and offer discounts to the drivers who successfully complete safe driving courses from accredited institutions. The courses are best used by teenage drivers and their seniors. Any driver can derive benefit from taking more than one.

Carefully clean your garage

Most insurance companies provide discounts to those who park their vehicles inside their garages. This is way better than parking out on the street or in the nearby driveway. If we are to go by statistics, vehicles parked in garages are less likely to be stolen or involved in accidents.

Compare different insurance quotes

Before arriving at the most suitable insurance quote, take time to check several websites. Once you have narrowed down your selections to five or less, compare them one by one.

Use a single insurance company

It’s advisable to group all your insurance policies under the umbrella of one insurance company. This can be auto, home or renter insurance, among others. This will qualify you for a multi-line discount – roughly 10percent of your premium.

Drive carefully

Careful drivers are rewarded in their insurance premiums. This means that you drive within the speed limit and avoid getting into an accident. If you have a proven record of abiding by this, you can save up to 5 percent on your premium. Some companies keep reducing your premium charge every three years that you go without having any traffic violation.


Raise your credit score

Today most insurance companies go through your credit score and use it as a benchmark determinant when determining your insurance premiums. To ensure that you get the best deal, have all your bills settled on the time and identify any credit report errors that might negatively affect your credit report.…

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