What Are The Best Light Bars For Sale

What is a Light Bar?

A light bar is either a short or a long line of high luminosity LED lights. They supplement your car’s built in lights and provide better visibility to the front, sides and back of your car. LED light bars provide additional safety to cars at night time as they can provide the farthest reach enabling the cars to avoid collisions.


What Are the Different Uses of Light Bars?

Light bars can be used for the following purposes:
1. Acts as a supplemental light for night driving.
Long dark roads can prove to be treacherous. Light bars will provide additional illumination for the car driver in cases where there is very little road visibility

2. Provides emergency lighting.
A light bar is a life saver during accidents and breakdowns. They provide steady light when repairing vehicles and alerts drivers of trouble ahead.

3. Backyard lighting.
A relatively small light bar can illuminate a big space which can be used for small gatherings. On the other side, a lighted space is a good prowler deterrent as it presupposes occupancy
of people.

4. For use in marinas or yacht clubs and airports.
Since light bar illumination can reach as far as 7 kilometers, they act as a deterrent to sea collisions.

5. Heavy Equipment.
Heavy equipment has just a few standard lighting. In times when these are used either to plow snow (during heavy blizzards) or when tractor plows through debris (during landslides), light bars would provide the necessary illumination
for these heavy types of equipment to be maneuvered correctly.

6. Off-road driving.
When traveling into the countryside, a light bar can help spot hazards or may be used to set up camp.


What are the Best LED Light Bars for Sale?

The following are some of the best-LED light bars as grouped under different categories:

12 to 24 inch LED Light Bars: May be placed behind the grill of any car

1. Baja Designs OnX6 20″
Lifetime Warranty, 120W,
Output: 14,700 lumens
Dust Proof, Impact Resistant

2. Rigid Industries E-Series 20” Midnight
Lifetime Warranty, 110W, Output: 9,200 lumens
Water, dust and shock resistant

3. Rigid Industries Radiance 20″
Lifetime Warranty, 94W,
Output: 5,300 lumens
Water, dust and shock Resistant
Low Cost

4. Rough Country 20” Black Series
Warranty-3 years, 120W,
Output-9,600 lumens
Water and dust resistant

Best 30” – 40” LED Light Bars: Good for mounting on front bumpers; won’t light up dust in front for better visibility

1. Rigid Industries E-38” Amber/White
Lifetime Warranty, 152W, Output-12,578 lumens
Can switch lights from amber to white; Amber cuts better through dust

2. Baja Designs OnX6 30″
Lifetime Warranty, 175 W, Output – 22,050 lumens
Impact and dust resistant, waterproof
No ability to switch lights but can be bought in amber

3. Rigid Industries E-Series 30” Midnight Edition
Lifetime Warranty, 165W,
Output-13,800 lumens
Water, dust and impact proof

4. Rigid Industries Radiance 40″
Lifetime Warranty, 217 W, Output-12,348 lumens
Water, dust and shock resistant, Low Priced, largest light bar


What are the Advantages to Using LED Light Bars?

The following are some of the advantages of using light bars:
1. LED light bars have longer life span than traditional lighting as Tungsten, Halogen and HID

2. LED bar lights provides the highest lumens per watt, providing you the brightest lighting

The disadvantage of Using the LED Light Bars is that the initial cost is high although because of longer life span, comes out cheaper in the long run…

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Tips On Buying A Family Car

When one starts a family, there are very many important decisions that one has to take, coupled with a lot of lifestyle changes. One of the major decisions that you will have to make is about the choice of the family car that you will purchase. It is very challenging for you to decide the type of vehicle that you will choose to carry the most precious cargo that you are responsible for.

With the wide variety of vehicles that are available for sale on the market, the options can be overwhelming and confusing at times. But when you have a guideline on the characteristics to look out for in a good family car, the decision-making process will be easy. Let us look at some of those factors that you need to take into consideration:

What to consider when buying a family car


The first factor that you need to take into consideration when you are buying a family car is the size. When it comes to a family car, you will have to take into consideration all your family members, and the amount of luggage that you will usually carry. Purchase a car that has doors which will allow you to get the child in and out of it easily. Ones you are done with this, consider the boot space. Also, take into consideration the additional seats that you may require to accommodate all your children now and in future too.456yujgfg


Once you have set the priorities and settled on the type of vehicle which will address all your family needs, now assess your budget while examining all the different models that fit within your budget. Do not base your final decision on purchase on the price tag alone, also take into consideration the other expenses that it will bring along like fuel consumption, the cost of maintenance, and the amount that you will incur in servicing it.


Since this will be used by family mostly, it is important that you make sure that it has top rating safety features. Do not be lured by its attractive look or the low price, be sure to look at the ANCAP ratings, and make sure that all features have passed the required safety standards.


Always note that the right car for you now, may not be the right car for you shortly. When you make the purchase ensure that you ask yourself if the vehicle will fit your family if it expanded. So purchase your car with the possibility of your family expanding in mind. For instance, if you plan to have more kids, it is important that you go for a car that can hold more than two baby seats at the back.…

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